Committees & Advisory Groups

The DVC chairs and participates in a number of committees and advisory groups, both internal and external, as part of UBC Okanagan’s shared leadership model and to gather advice on key administrative decisions for the campus.

The Okanagan Leadership Council (OLC) is the senior advisory body to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal on strategic direction, resource prioritization and policy decisions for UBC’s Okanagan campus. It is a key table as part of UBC Okanagan’s shared leadership structure.


  • Chair: Lesley Cormack, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal
  • Rehan Sadiq, Provost and Vice-President Academic pro tem, UBC Okanagan
  • Philip Barker, Associate Vice-President and Vice-Principal, Research & Innovation
  • Dale Mullings, Associate Vice-President, Students
  • Rob Einarson, Associate Vice-President, Finance and Operations
  • Gordon Binsted, Dean, Faculty of Health and Social Development
  • Sarah McCorquodale, Regional Associate Dean, Interior and Associate Vice-Provost, Medical Sciences, Southern Medical Program
  • Gino DiLabio, Dean, Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science
  • Jan Hare, Dean pro tem, Faculty of Education
  • Margaret Macintyre Latta, Director, Okanagan School of Education
  • Peter Simpson, Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
  • Roger Sugden, Dean, Faculty of Management
  • Bryce Traister, Dean, Creative and Critical Studies and Dean
  • Heather Berringer, Associate Provost, Learning Services and Chief Librarian
  • Nicole Udzenija, Director, Strategic Initiatives, Office of the DVC
  • Silvia Tomášková, Dean, Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The Indigenous Advisory Committee considers the current state of Aboriginal activities on UBC’s Okanagan campus, identifies priority areas of focus for the future, and helps implement strategies to advance these initiatives.

Current priorities for the Committee include development of a professional development program for Indigenous awareness and cultural sensitivity, establishment of an Aboriginal mentorship program for staff and faculty through an Indigenous Caucus, and Indigenous curriculum development.


  • Co-Chair: Ian Foulds, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering
  • Co-Chair Adrienne Vedan, Senior Advisor to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor on Indigenous Affairs
  • Jeannette Armstrong, Associate Professor, Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Julianne Barry, Post Doctoral Research Fellow
  • Lesley Cormack, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal
  • Gino Dilabio, Dean, Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science
  • Donna Kurtz, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health and Social Development
  • Sheryl Lightfoot, Senior Advisor to the President on Indigenous Affairs
  • Rehan Sadiq, Provost and Vice President Academic pro tem,
  • Bradley Wuetherick, Associate Provost, Academic Programs, Teaching and Learning
  • Braden Te Hiwi, Assistant Professor, Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Nicole Udzenija, Director, Strategic Initiatives, DVC Office
  • Tania Willard, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies
  • Cara Kirkey, Project Coordinator (administrative support)

Pursuant to the University Act, the President of the university has the power to suspend a student and to deal summarily with any matter of student discipline. Student discipline at UBC’s Okanagan campus is governed by the Student Discipline section of the UBC Okanagan Calendar.

The President’s Advisory Committees on Student Discipline advise the President in his decisions with respect to academic discipline by impartially considering allegations of misconduct against students in light of relevant evidence presented.


Cases that involve Okanagan campus students will be heard by The President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline (Okanagan); committee membership includes faculty and student appointees from the Okanagan campus. The Chair provides recommendations to the President based on deliberations of the committee following a hearing.

Okanagan Campus Membership

Membership of the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline (Okanagan) can be found here.

Please consult the website of the Office of the University Counsel for further information on the academic misconduct process, including rules and forms related to President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline.


c/o Janine Wood
Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic (UBC Okanagan)
The University of British Columbia
Okanagan campus

The UBC Okanagan External Community Advisory Council (ECAC) provides an essential link between the university and the wider community. ECAC is made up of leaders from within government, business and Okanagan communities. Its members serve as ambassadors of UBC and the Okanagan campus.

Today’s ECAC evolved from the UBC Okanagan President’s Community Advisory Council. Formed in 2004 by the Ministry of Advanced Education, the Advisory Council was conceived to better connect UBC with Okanagan communities and to guide the development of the Okanagan campus. As UBC Okanagan has evolved, so too has the External Community Advisory Council.


Celeste Pennington
Executive Assistant to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal


Chair: Professor Lesley Cormack

Professor Lesley Cormack is Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal of UBC’s Okanagan campus.

Professor Cormack joined UBC in July 2020 from the University of Alberta where she served as Dean of the Faculty of Arts from 2010 to 2020. Previously, she was Dean of Arts and Social Sciences at Simon Fraser University from 2007 to 2010 and, earlier, taught at the University of Alberta in the Department of History and Classics for 17 years. An historian of early modern science, Professor Cormack specializes in geography and mathematics in 16th century England. She earned both her PhD and Master of Arts from the University of Toronto where she studied history and philosophy of science and technology.

Nick Arkle
Nick Arkle is Chief Forester at Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd. He served as Co-Chair of the Okanagan Partnership Society, acting as a steward for forest industry interests. He has also served on the UBC Faculty of Forestry Advisory board. Nick is a UBC alumnus (Bachelor of Science in Forestry, 1984).

James Baker (ex officio)
James Baker is the Mayor of Lake Country (re-elected in 2018) and serves as a Director on the Regional District of Central Okanagan Board. He spent approximately three decades as a professor of Anthropology at Langara College and Okanagan College. In 2007, UBC’s Okanagan campus named Mr. Baker an Associate Professor Emeritus of Anthropology.

Colin Basran (ex officio)
Colin Basran is the Mayor of Kelowna. He was elected in 2014 following one term on Kelowna City Council; he was re-elected Mayor in 2018. Earlier he worked as a journalist at Global Okanagan and as a realtor. He is an alumnus of Okanagan University College.

Pat Bowen
Pat Bowen is a whole-plant physiologist and viticulture researcher at the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre (PARC) in Summerland. An Associate of the UBC Wine Research Centre, Dr. Bowen’s research is on understanding vineyard ecology.

Victor Cumming (ex officio)
Victor Cumming is the Mayor of Vernon. He was elected Mayor in 2018. He is an economist and has worked as principal of a consulting firm.

Laurel Douglas
Laurel Douglas is CEO of the Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust (SIDIT). She was the founding Executive Director of the Science & Technology Council of the Okanagan (now Accelerate Okanagan). In 2017 she was named one of BC Business’ Most Influential Women.

Dick Fletcher
Dick Fletcher is a partner in the Kelowna offices of Urban Systems Ltd. As co-chair of the Okanagan Partnership, Engineering Advisory Committee, Dick was instrumental in assuring that the newly formed Okanagan campus of UBC developed full-degree engineering programs.

Mal Griffin
Mal Griffin is the VP Human Resources for the Interior Health Authority. Prior to his appointment in 2016, he served as Interior Health’s VP and Chief Information Officer. Mal has experience in a variety of areas of health care including laboratory, pharmacy, biomedical engineering, staffing services, and clinical and business information management and technology.

Corie Griffiths
Corie Griffiths is Director of Corporate Services of the Regional District of Central Okanagan. Originally from California, Corie emigrated to the Okanagan in 2002 and joined COEDC as the Marketing and Research Assistant in 2006, moving to Business Development Officer in 2010, and taking on the lead role of Manager in 2015, before moving to head the corporate services division in June 2021.

Ali Poostizadeh (ex officio)
Ali Poostizadeh is President of the UBC Students’ Union Okanagan (UBCSUO) and a student of economics at UBC’s Okanagan campus.

Al Klar
Al Klar operates R&R Plastics Ltd., Klar Global Distribution Inc., and is part of the chain of Canopy West Truck Accessories. He manages a family orchard in Keremeos and is a Principal in Top Five Developments Inc. Al is a former President of the Summerland Chamber of Commerce and a Director for the Okanagan Partnership, South Okanagan.

Douglas Manning
Douglas Manning is a tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Bridges Transitions Inc. In 2006, he left his post as Bridges President in order to invest more time as an Educational Consultant. In 2017 he was a nominee for the Kelowna Top Forty Over 40.

Paula Quinn
Paula Quinn is the Executive Director of the KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence. She is a member of the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission Advisory Council. She is also a Director at Large for the Kelowna chapter of Mamas for Mamas, a national charitable organization the supports mothers experiencing poverty.

Gord Milsom (ex officio)
Gord Milsom is the Mayor of West Kelowna. He was elected Mayor in 2018 and previously served on West Kelowna Council. His professional work was as a Certified Financial Planner.

Jason Neale
Jason Neale is the past CEO of Accelerate Okanagan and founder of OmniGlobe Networks. His career spans wireless, software, security, telecommunications, cellular, satellite, networking, protocols, broadcasting and Internet. In 2009 he was honored with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year award.

Edna Terbasket
Edna Terbasket is the Executive Director of the Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society, a non-profit organization working with and for First Nations people and the Okanagan community at-large. She also serves on School District #23’s Aboriginal Education Committee.

John Vassilaki (ex officio)
John Vassilaki is the Mayor of Penticton. He was elected Mayor in 2018 and previously served on Penticton Council from 2002 to 2014.