Okanagan Heads Up

Purpose and Scope

The Okanagan Heads Up group includes Associate Deans, Unit Heads, Directors and Managers on UBC’s Okanagan campus. Its membership combines members of two previous groups — the Okanagan Executive Advisory Council and the Okanagan Management Forum.

This is a key consultative and advisory body to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal and the Provost and Vice-Principal, Academic.  The Okanagan Heads Up group advises the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and the Provost on matters brought to the Council by them, including, as required: administrative matters for UBC’s Okanagan campus, the implementation of University strategic plans, resource allocation, program development, student recruitment and retention, as well as other issues.

The composition of the Heads Up group is designed to optimize information sharing and provide advice within the management community on portfolio activities and priorities.