Campus visioning process | Aspire

The UBC Okanagan campus community recently completed a long-term visioning exercise. The Aspire process was undertaken to develop a 20 year vision for the campus and to help guide UBC Okanagan into its second decade and beyond. What emerged from the consultation was a consensus that the Okanagan campus should aspire to be a model of innovative and interdisciplinary programming within the UBC system, and a place that has an impact on communities both local and global. Learn more about the visioning process and results at the Aspire website.

  • The Aspire final report is available here.

Campus planning

A new plan for the physical development of UBC’s Okanagan campus was approved by the Board of Governors in September 2015. The Okanagan Campus Plan (2015) provides a long-term planning framework for existing and future academic and research activities, student housing, and associated campus services and infrastructure for the next 20 years.

  • The UBC Okanagan Campus Plan (2015) is available here.

Okanagan Charter

In 2015 UBC Okanagan hosted the International Conference on Health Promoting Universities and Colleges/VII International Congress. The event created a dynamic meeting place for researchers, practitioners, administrators, students and policy-makers from around the world to explore pressing issues and identify promising paths for healthy and sustainable campus development. The conference produced the Okanagan Charter, a framework that reflects the latest concepts, processes and principles relevant to the Health Promoting Universities and Colleges movement and a call to action for high education institutions to lead on health promotion and action.

  • The Okanagan Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges is available here.

Regional initiatives

Strategic Collaboration with City of Kelowna

The City of Kelowna and UBC recognize the value of collaboration and wish to work closely in identifying and pursuing opportunities that benefit both parties, to influence regional economic development and contribute to creating a livable, prosperous and sustainable region today and in the future. A formal Memorandum of Understanding was signed in September 2017 to build on our existing working relationship and to collaboratively explore and undertake a variety of joint initiatives.

It should be noted that the memorandum does not impact current project partnerships between UBC Okanagan researchers and the City of Kelowna. Rather, the intention is to encourage further collaboration and provide a mechanism for the organizations to connect and support future opportunities.

Regional Innovation Ecosystem

UBC Okanagan partnered with the BC Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services to locate a Ministry Executive Director on campus to support innovation in the BC Interior region. One of the products of this partnership is an asset inventory of the Interior region innovation ecosystem.

The Asset Inventory provides an overview of the innovation network surrounding and connected to the Interior research universities and colleges engaged in applied research, identifying institutions, industries, communities, personnel, infrastructure and support systems that comprise the innovation “ecosystem” in the BC Interior region – a dynamic space with strong ‘network thinking’ where traditional and transformative economies, systems and cultures converge, create and innovate.

UBC Okanagan Human Resources Review

With the campus entering a new phase of development as it works towards its vision — being a model of innovative and interdisciplinary programming within the UBC system and a place that has an impact on communities, both local and global — we have established a regular cycle of review for administrative areas. After completing reviews of the Finance portfolio, the Student Services portfolio and University Relations, a review of the Human Resources department was conducted in summer 2016.

  • Read the executive summary of the findings here.


Funding and Awards

Invited International Distinguished Visitor Fund

Sponsored by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal’s Office, the Invited International Distinguished Visitor Fund provides opportunities for UBC faculty to invite international colleagues to visit UBC Okanagan and engage with the campus community and share their research and expertise. Two competitions per year are held for funding of $5000 to support visits by international scholars to UBC Okanagan. Applications can be submitted to the Office of Research Services at any time for consideration at the subsequent review (in February or October). For more information, contact Raina Reddecliff at the Okanagan Campus International Office.

  • A full description of program terms and the application form is available here.
  • Note: completed nomination packages are due on February 15 and October 15 each year.


Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal Award

The award is presented by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal to a staff member who has made distinctive and exceptional contributions to UBC, the Okanagan campus, and the community at large. Nominees must be employed at the UBC Okanagan campus for at least three years of continuous service and will have taken initiative on projects and programs that exceed their current job description duties.

  • More information and the nomination form is available here.